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Software Architects & Chartered Information Systems Practitioners

IS/IT Services

Free/Open Source Solutions

If you are thinking of switching from Windows to Linux or moving to an Open Source web solution then we can help you. We specialize in Debian Linux and open web technologies like Apache, BIND, MySQL, Perl, PHP/CURL, XML.
  • Corporate network installation and configuration including DNS using BIND.
  • Centralized user administration using Open LDAP Directory Services.
  • GNU/Linux installation on new and old hardware - Debian, Suse or Redhat.
  • Samba fileserver installation for SOHO and SME networks.
  • Apache web server installation and configuration.
  • Mail server installation and configuration using Sendmail or OpenWebmail.
  • Automated web agents - stealth webbots and spiders that mimic human search behaviour.

IS/IT Consultancy

We provide consulting services in the following areas:
  • Service migration and planning.
  • Bi-directional interfaces for on-line clinical laboratory analysers.
  • Interim management and planning for IT projects.
  • Business continuity planning and support including IS recovery plan testing.

Support & Maintenance

Your IS/IT infrastructure will run smoother with Linux and you will need less support than with some proprietary operating systems. But if you think Linux is one step too far then we also support new and old proprietary systems including Solaris, SunOs, HP-UX, AIX, DSM/MSM Mumps and VAX/VMS.
  • Emergency support and remote on-call system administration.
  • Change and configuration management.
  • Solaris installation and system administration.
  • Performance management and tuning on Sun hardware.


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