Dynnocht Computer Services
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Software Architects & Chartered Information Systems Practitioners

About Us

The Business:

Dynnocht Computer Services is an information systems engineering company that focuses on cost-effective and extensible business solutions using Free/OpenSource software.

We specialize in the Linux operating system and open source web technologies like Apache, Perl, PHP/CURL, and MySQL but also support MUMPS based systems and proprietary Unix platforms.

Located in Cumbernauld we cover Central Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Perth.

The company was founded by James Penn-Dunnett a computer scientist and software architect with a background in medical informatics.

The company is named after Sir Gilbert Dynnocht, Vicar of Ardurnes (Durness) in Sutherlandshire about 1540 and sometime of Reay in Caithness who may have been known as Gilbert Dunnet of that Ilk. The name Dynnocht is a variation of the Caithness name Dunnet and in Scottish Gaelic it is spelt Dunaid.

The Skills:

Technical Experience:

  • Sun Certified Professional for Solaris OS with 20 years Unix system administration on Sun, HP, IBM and ICL platforms.
  • 23 years MUMPS support and development on DEC, IBM, HP and x86 platforms.
  • 23 years EDI interface design and development for medical analysers using ASTM1238 and HL7 protocols.
  • 17 years using Web technologies to develop and support corporate intranets.
  • 17 years network experience on Cisco, Ascend, D-Link, Netgear, 3Com equipment.
  • 23 years safety critical analysis and risk analysis experience.

Programming Skills: C, Java, Unix(Bourne, C & Korn shells), Mumps, Perl, PHP/CURL, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML/CSS, XML/XSLT.

System/Network Skills: Unix(SunOs/Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, AT&T, Linux), VAX/VMS, TCP/IP, LAT, NFS, X400, LDAP, Apache, MySQL.


Debian    No Patents    Yes Scotland